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Pool Name: DTOUR NFL Pool 2020
Password: Mullins

2020 NFL Play-off Pool

Power Rankings Pool Format

A Power Rankings Pool is a type of pool where players list the teams from strongest to weakest, whether based on statistics or perception. This playoff format is based on the concept of ranking all the teams who made the playoffs this year: To play, just drag and drop to rank all 12 NFL teams competing in the NFL Playoffs from strongest (12 points) to weakest (1 point). Players will receive the number of points assigned to a team each time that team wins. A winning team is awarded that number of points regardless of which playoff round the win comes in.

Example: A player ranks the Bills 9th. If the Bills win their Wild Card game, the member is awarded 9 points. If they go on to win the Divisional Round game, the member is awarded another 9 points.

Note: NFL teams that have earned a bye in the first week will not get any points for that week.

$25 CND per entry. 50/30/20 Split to Finish/Place/Show (less $1 per entry to cover fees charged by third party hosting site). Click link on the left to join the pool (your browser will be redirected to Run Your Pools website).