How to Play F1 Pool

Pick your Drivers before each race deadline

  1. Register for the Pool on-line and log-on to make your picks.
  2. Predict the top 4 finishers for each race in order.
  3. Pick a Wildcard Driver who you think will finish in the TOP 10.
  4. All 5 Picks for Each Race must be from Seperate Teams
  5. Predict the time difference between the 1st and 2nd place race finishers for each race.
  6. For Race 1 only, pick your Constructor Winner for the season.


  • You are awarded the points earned by your Top-4 driver picks for each race. Plus,
  • 1 BONUS point is awarded for picking 1st Place of each race correctly
  • 3 BONUS points are awarded for picking 2nd Place of each race correctly
  • 5 BONUS points is awarded for picking 3rd Place of each race correctly
  • 10 PENALTY points deduction if Wildcard pick finishes outside Top 10 for that race.
  • 25 BONUS points are awarded end of season for correctly picking the Constructor Winner


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